Top 10 Copenhagen hotels … IMHO

Well, they are not all budget, they are not all luxury, they are not all quite perfect, but these are some of the best places – and areas – to crash when you are visiting Copenhagen. Read the article.


If you go into the woods tonight … you are one lucky foodie bastard

Claus Henriksen at Dragsholm Castle

Had the pleasure of visiting Dragsholm Castle and its restaurant the other day. The place, located about an hour outside of Copenhagen, is one of the finest purveyors of the new Nordic cuisine and the focus on terroir and seasonality. Read the article here

To live and cycle in Copenhagen

While all the COP15 nonsense was happening out in the Bella Centre last month, I did a feature for the Guardian’s bike podcast about cycling in Copenhagen.

Is it really the best city in the world for cycling? Not everybody seems to agree with that, but at least there are some brilliant bike entrepenurs here, such as the re-cycling scheme Baiskili, which is featured in the podcast.

Guardian Bike podcast: Is Copenhagen the greatest cycling city in the world?

Danish Dynamite: a love story

The Denmark team before their Mexico 86 match against West Germany.

The Denmark team before their Mexico 86 match against West Germany.

The 7,000-word Danish football epic that I have been working on for the last couple of months is now up and running on the Guardian’s website.

I was lucky enough to work with the Guardian’s top sports writer Rob Smyth, who has an astonishing knowledge and love for the 80s team and its cult heroes.

Read the mammoth blog post here: Danish Dynamite: The forgotten story of Denmark’s football team in the 80s

Only a fool fears the Swedish team …

Had the pleasure of being back on the Guardian’s top football podcast, Football Weekly , the other day.

I was quizzed about the Denmark v Sweden game and the prospect of another scandalous match, like the one two years ago in Copenhagen.

In the end it was a very lacklustre game, with no great drama and only one moment of brilliance, when Jacob Poulsen’s strike put Denmark through to the World Cup in South Africa next year.

And who said that you should always fear a team with Henke Larsson up front?

Listen to the dodgy punditry here.

Outgames in Copenhagen

Covered the Outgames  – or the ‘gay Olympics’ – for the Guardian here in Copenhagen last month.

It was the best sporting event I’ve attended since Vejle v Brøndby in the late 1980s.

You can find some of the articles here, plus have a look at the slideshow I did together with the photographer Jenny Nordquist:

Ballroom dancing at the World Outgames in Copenhagen

Ballroom dancing at the World Outgames in Copenhagen